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Whitewash Is Brainwash Lyrics

Our TV sets are drenched in pseudo reality,
when the truth is endemol can't save you from mundane existence.
Twelve unknowns light up 7 million homes,
yet the news at ten is barely watched,
as it's the same old war again.
Lets talk about romance,
romance is dead.
An ideology exploited for commercial gain.
They want you to fall in love
with the idea of being in love,
because nothing says I love you better than flowers and chocolates and cards.

But its all right now,
I can see clearer now,
its all right now,
now your head is up out of the clouds.

You can call me a cynic,
but at least I'm realistic.
I went to Ikea today,
it didn't change my life.
Yet everyone in my street is going Scandinavian,
it's like the upper east side in semi-detached suburban Britain.
You have to ask yourself why?
Its like whitewash is brainwash,
they're diluting out style

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