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A Little Bit of Judas Lyrics

Well, you can wear those pajamas like those tibetan llamas all day
You can be the ascetic profound and prophetic in most every way
You can model your life after christ or suffice with simon peter
You can bathe in holy water bow to gideon or gautama
Or the pyramids of giza
You can wear your frock, your collar, or your shawl
But there's a little bit of judas in us all

You can keep your conscience swept clean
Your front lawn looking green
It's a keen neighborhood
You visit your sick mother weekly
Spring for charity freely like a moral man should
You brought two children in' the world a little boy, a little girl
You dutifully clothe and you feed them
Ou come straight home to your wife
You want no trouble in your life
You swear you'll never cheat on them
Now suddenly you're feeling so small
'cause there's a little bit of judas in us all

Well, excuse my digression
But I had the distinct impression she loved me so
So as not to try her conscience
She handed me a crock of nonsense while she bled me slow
Now her picture hangs on the wall to remind me
There's a little bit of judas in us all
A little bit of judas, a little bit of judas,
In us all

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