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Twin Layers Of Lightning Lyrics

She walks me home
There's a Mercedes parked in our street
So we stop and we discuss
Who on earth the owner could be
That's just like me
I'd evade waking up if the alarm wouldn't ring
I'd walk into quick sand
If I knew how far I'd sink
Twin layers of trouble
Two times that might
Twin layers of lightning
Both of us can strike
We went into a club
Bouncers got no brains
He said both of you are barred
I had to set him straight
Listen Jack, don't you know, I'm a star
Some people have no money
While other people have no tact
If they invite us around
Well they're going to get a double act
We scream and we shout
And then we love and we turn
Then we set a chair on fire
And we watch the whole house burn
It's written in big letters
Graffiti all over town
And both our names are written down
Oh but infamy or fame
Each came in a small dose
I just wish the day would come
When the last one would be so close

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