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It'S Fun To Be A Vampire Lyrics

The wind blew the torrent of darkness
Through the gusty trees
The moon was a ghostly galleon
Tossed upon cloudy seas
And on that night, I met my master
Fiery eyes and skin of alabaster
I was so full of innocence
Drawn to the shadow of my dark prince
I offered my neck to the bite of death
And s*cked the blood of life from his wrists
From that day I was one with the night
Spawned by darkness and free from the light
[Derek:]</i> Michael, mom said come down for dinner
[Michael:]</i> What, I can't right now I'm working on the recording for my Myspace profile
[Derek:]</i> What are doing?
[Michael:]</i> Get out
[Derek:]</i> What are you going to do about it Michael?
[Michael:]</i> Get out of my room, mom said respect my space Derek
[Derek:]</i> You're such a little dork
[Michael:]</i> Get out, get out, get out
[vampire voice back]
So anyways
Immortal now
I walk the earth
Since the night of my rebirth
I slip the reportorial bounds of breath
And fed on the life of those I kiss
[Michael:]</i> What the hell? Derek I thought I told you... it's coming from the window
[Voices:]</i> Michael.. Michael.. open the window
[Michael:]</i> What... who are you
[Voices:]</i> Open the window
[Michael:]</i> Must open the window
[Voices:]</i> Be one of us Michael
[Michael screams]

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