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Obsessed Lyrics

All alone in darkness A vision pa*sed his eyes
Of a better life in heaven Of a life in paradise

To hear the screams of tormenred pain
As dying victims feed the flames

Looked back at life found himself betrayed
Betrayed by god and his way (of life)
Lived his life to those lies
Betrayed by the light for which he died

His body now sets it's final course
He is nothing but another corpse
There was no heaven but there was hell
In the fire he will forever dwell

Awaiting for the angels To come and set him free
To take him to heaven The place he longs to be
To hear the screams of tormented pain
As dying victims feed the flames
A big black shape invocates him
To open the portals for him to see

He was obsessed Obsessed by paradise
Was it worth to die For a god and his lies?

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