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Long into the Evening Lyrics

It's only human to wonder why
it's only animal to do it
It's only animal to run along the rocks
And move along instead of talk
It's only human to wonder how
And how I wish I could talk to you now

And the words tumble out of your mouth
Like apples from a wild tree
And mine they spy out cautiously
Like a creature from its cave

Our able bodies and able minds
Are animals and things on vines
Greening fields and windy mines
In our sounds and movements

And the waves like lessons
Thrashing over me in waves
Of self-doubt and illusion
Like night's intrusion
On the daylight of the strings
They gently let me play

I've got points of icicles
Piercing into me and I miss your warmth
And the sound of your voice

Like apples tumbling from a wild and windy tree

My body aches for you, and shakes for you
And sways for you
And dances with your little woman body
Long into the evening

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