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Fairy Tale Lyrics

(verse 1)
Imagine me, another puppet in a daydream
A product of the toymaker's hand
You sent down your son to save a world of expectators
and turn this wooden boy into a man

(pre-chorus 1)
Your curtain came down on the puppet master's crown
and now I've got no strings to hold me down
you said:

Ever after came to be
When they nailed me to the tree
This is not a fantasy
30 Pieces, paid the price
But I wrote the story line
And everything will be just fine

(verse 2)
Imagine me, another bluebird in a theme song
Flying over every rainbow's peak
You held out your hand across a million movie theaters
To prove your love was all I'll ever need

(pre-chorus 2)
The twister came down, it brought me to my knees
You put a new heart where a tin one used to be
You said:


(pre-chorus 3)
The hammer came down it nailed you to the tree
What were you thinking, was it all because of me

(verse 3)
Imagine me, another Ella in the cinders
underneath my wicked mother's thumb
You held out your hand, you had a royal invitation
to anyone who'd want to meet your son.

(pre-chorus 4)
Your spirit came down, made a new girl out of me
I tried your love on and it fit me perfectly
You said:


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