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Judas Lyrics

I've been a figurine
In a Demon's evil plan
I've looked in the mirror
For as long as I can

But I made a deal
And I'll follow it down
And I'll swallow regret
When I'm under the ground

And I've gotta have soul
'Cause I've seen what it can do
And it's made complete
When it's torn in two

Do you think I could manage
If they put me to the test?
The truth is inside me
But I've lived the rest

I deserve what is coming
If the truth be told
The Savior's for sale
And I've rendered Him sold

I was one of the twelve
I was part of the gang
Now, I see it so clearly
From the place that I hang

And my body was spilled
Like tears in the flood
The sower reaps nothing
From a field full of blood

In the game of the Maker
I've been a pawn
The match has been checked
And His hand is gone

Without my betrayal
The prophecy fails
No crown of thorns
No cross and no nails

So, I ask for deliverance
From my destiny
My name is Judas
Someone had to be me

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