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Christ Denied Lyrics

Echoes from a bottomless pit, bottomless pit
A girl embalmed in blood, piss and spit
Shrieks and prayers won't save her now
As the priest climbs down to f**k her mouth

Tears of disgust, thoughts of murder
A virgin's mouth covered in saliva and cum
Christ denied and her soul crucified

The stench from the bottomless pit
As her father makes her eat his shit
Piss in a gla*s, perversion laughs

Her trail of thought leaves a mark of suicide
Christ denied her hands and feet tied
Wearing a crown of thorns

Christ denied
Christ denied

Blood spurts in the bottomless pit
The girl sits with his cock between her teeth
Shrieks and prayers won't save him now
As she bites it off and spits it out

Thought of disgust, joy of murder
A priest's cock covered in saliva and blood
Christ denied and his soul crucified

Christ denied
Christ denied

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