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  2. The Versatile Henry Mancini

The Versatile Henry Mancini (2008)

The album The Versatile Henry Mancini is released by Henry Mancini in the year 2008 .

  1. Poinciana [Mono Version]
  2. Bali Hai [Mono Version]
  3. Flamingo [Mono Version]
  4. Whispering Sea [Mono Version]
  5. Return to Paradise [Mono Version]
  6. Naked Sea [Mono Version]
  7. Breeze and I [Mono Version]
  8. Driftwood and Dreams [Mono Version]
  9. Moon of Manakoora [Mono Version]
  10. Sleepy Lagoon [Mono Version]
  11. Ebb Tide [Mono Version]
  12. Off Shore [Mono Version]
  13. Poinciana [Stereo]
  14. Bali Hai [Stereo]
  15. Flamingo [Stereo]
  16. Whispering Sea [Stereo]
  17. Return to Paradise [Stereo]
  18. Naked Sea [Stereo]
  19. Breeze and I [Stereo]
  20. Driftwood and Dreams [Stereo]
  21. Moon of Manakoora [Stereo]
  22. Sleepy Lagoon [Stereo]
  23. Ebb Tide [Stereo]
  24. Off Shore [Stereo]
  25. What's It Gonna Be
  26. Young Love [From Rock, Pretty Baby]
  27. Free and Easy [From Rock, Pretty Baby]
  28. Cha Cha Cha for Gia [From Four Girls in Town]