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Marcel's Lyrics

The song Marcel's is performed by Herman's Hermits in the album named A's, B's & EP's in the year 2004 .

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Marcel lives in Wapping, the ducks are due his tapping
Marcel's got a houseboat on the Thames
There's grotesque decorations, eccentric demonstrations
Let's go down to Marcel's on the Thames

Knock knock, sesame it's open, it's Alice in Wonderland
Marcel, Marcel
Can we come around, can we see you right away?
Can we come around? It's such a groovy day
Marcel, Marcel

Meet the oddest creatures with unfamiliar features
Greeks & Turks with clerks & lemon tyne
Men with long eyelashes & ladies with mustaches
On Marcel's creaking house, it's on the Thames


Gusters work for giving, the panda men are livin'
(repeat & fade):
Let's go down to Marcel's on the Thames

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