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Doing Dumb Shit Lyrics

O'Shea, O'Shea
Get your a*s in here, boy
You hear me calling you?

When I was young, I used to hang with the seventh graders
Little bad motherf**ker playing Space Invaders
f**king with the girls in the fourth grade
Either feeling on they butts or pulling on they braids

Walking with the schoolhouse bully
By doing that, I had a lot of pull, G
Cheating on tests, making a mess
Cussing like a sailor at recess

It must a been a half moon
'Cause you'll catch me running out the little girl's bathroom
Chewing on Good and Plenties
Got my gamble on at lunch pitching pennies

Yo, I was living like the cla*s clown
Pulling all the hokes, making all the jokes, man
When you young it's hard to see
That it's wrong throwing rocks at the RTD

Popping out your window with a BB gun
Better yet knocking on your door and run
Playing hide-and-go-get-it for a little stank
Even though I was still shooting blanks

As soon as the dark hit
I was stealing candy out the corner market
Until I got my a*s whipped
'Cause I was ten years old, doing dumb shit

Thirteen, that's how old I was
When my jimmy started getting a little peach fuzz
And I was looking at any butt and a*s
Me and my homies started cutting cla*s

Going up to the high school
Looking for any bitch I could lie to
Tell 'em I was older than I really was
Smoked my first joint and got really buzzed

That's what a mack's made of
But when I got my first piece of pus*y I fell in love
Hard as a rock the long way
And then I put the rubber on the wrong way

But I still gotta have it
Overexcited and f**king like a jackrabbit
Goddamn, I was hot
A virgin but I still knew how to lay pipe

Even though the hoe worked me
I still knocked the boots from here to Albuquerque
Then the shit got strange money
I started shaking and Jimmy felt funny

Then the nut came gushing
I jumped up got dressed and start pushing
'Cause I thought the bitch broke my d**k
'Cause I was still young doing dumb shit

At 17 got my first Volkswagon
And mastered the life-long art of dragging
To the women in college
Hung out with the OG's and got some street knowledge

Breaking in cars and all that
Hitting punk fools with a baseball bat
f**king at a real fast rate
Till they said that I might not graduate

Then I said, "f**k the dumb shit
'Cause Pops'll f**k me up quick"
And things continued

So I start rapping about shit I been through
And I got real good
Now I look at all the kids in the neighborhood
Trying to be baby macks
Doing shit that I did seven years back

Going through a stage
But before they can grow up they on the front page
And they mommas is having a fit
'Cause they died young doing dumb shit

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