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I'm Only Out For One Thang Lyrics

Well, two bees in a bucket, mother motherf**k it
You either Flavor Flav it or you Chuck Chuck Chuck it
Kiss my a*s or s*ck a D.I.C.K. stands for kill so don't f**k with me
I f**ked that lady in the bed, I missed that pus*y and I bust a spread

I tried it again in a thumping wagon, the bottom fell out
And her a*s started dragging, tried it again and I failed to grasp
I missed that pus*y and I bust my a*s then I f**ked this lady in the tree
The baby came out and said, "Run-DMC"

I knew this girl who looked just like you
Light brown and a fly hair-do
I wanted to do her, screw her so I stepped to her
On-key bitch had more a*s than a donkey

I said, you're the type of girl that I can't pa*s over
Give me one chance and I'll bend your a*s over
Just call me the plumber at the end of the night
'Cause a nigga like me'll lay plenty of pipe

She didn't get offended it was splendid to me
'Cause Mister Nice Guy is what I pretended to be
I guess I just wine her and dine her
And by the end of the night I'll be behind her

Waxing that a*s like Rain Dance
On the bumper get the pus*y then I dump her
Took her to the Comfort Inn tucked her in
Pulled out the third leg pumped it in

She said will you call me
Yeah, I'll call you a bitch or a hoe after I ball ya
Naw, I'm just playin but it's still the same
'Cause a nigga like Ice Cube is only out for one thang

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