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Pimp Homeo Lyrics

The song Pimp Homeo is performed by Ice Cube in the album named War & Peace, Vol.2 (The Peace Disc) in the year 2000 .

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{woman} pimp homeo, pimp homeo...
{cube} hey, julie-ho!
{woman}i am but $300 short, thy pimp. first know my a*s is tired, thy
Pimp homeo.
Be this hour, I have done weeping. thy have poppeth my
Cootchie 'til I can't poppeth
No more!
{cube} oh, tis! thy have a reason to smack a cramp in that a*s.
{woman}have patience, pimp homeo, have patience! homeo, I have a very
Vuluptuous vagina,
And titties teetering on times this. and a a*s the size
Of alaska.
{cube} well, bitch, thy get my money.

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