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Right Here Right Now Lyrics

This right here is payback
From way back
I don't play that x 4

Recognize a real don when you see one
and don't try to be one, you f**kin peon
I been like Deion for eons
You ain't nothing but a biatch

Messed around and let me read up
I come back through and tear the street up
Ice cube, nigga, you better D up
And when I come by, bitch, you better be up

a*s up, face in the pillow
I don't give a fizzle
Got to do my bizzle
The only nizzle that'll never ever fizzle
Original, you niggas know

(Right here right now)
You gotta get'em up
Who wants some
You better get'em up
Come get some
You gotta get'em up
Who wants some
You better get'em up

Got to get with ya
Hit you wit these things that I'm holding
Who wanna squab with the frozen
Now who wanna battle with the chosen
You niggas lotion
I'm no emotion
I'm shrapnel from the explosion
Hit you in the face while you posing

High as Jimmy Hendricks
I lined up ten d**ks and took out appendix
So go get forensics
Let em know I'm Geronimo
Till it's my time to go
You better find your ho
Get yer babies and your mama
And move to Guantanamo
Doubt my skills
I'm payin my bills
I'm up in the hills
You niggas are kills
Even though I'm on a f**ked up label
You bitches know what I can bring to the table


This right here it's payback
From way back
I don't play that x 4

I like bitches like you
5'2" wearing light blue
The freak get high too
With a fly dude
Not a Erika Badu
That's looking for an "I do"
Now what can I buy you
Just to try you
Need another bitch to lie to
Need another bitch in my coupe
Oh please can I trouble you
For a double scoop

A nigga need some T&A
Now you can get d**k but you can't get no DNA
I heard you was a big freak
(Can I hang?)
Bitch look down I got some big feet
I like Mike and Ike's
I like watchin dykes
I like goin to fights
I like earnin my stripes
In the book of life
There's only two women
Big ol' good ones
And good ol' big ones


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