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Trespass Lyrics

The song Trespass is performed by Ice Cube in the album named In the Movies in the year 2007 .

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How many bullets can your back hold, s*ckin' from the HK
The red dot's on your dome from the light ray
Boom bam bust oh shit kid, your head is a pile of puss
I'm kickin' up much dust, the nigga ya can't trust
This is my shit, my hood, my turf
My gold, my grip, whatever the f**k it's worth
I don't need nobody comin' in my territory
Tryin' to rip a nigga off and f**k your f**kin' sob stories

Take a good look at my motherf**kin' jacker
About to feel the wrath, of a greedy a*s cracker
Pale as snow, so you know the hoe stand out
Comin' in my hood with his hand out
Tryin' to get over on the black but the motherf**kin' mack
Will put a f**kin' slug in his back
And with the boom ping ping, it ain't no thing to blast
On greedy motherf**kers that trespa*s


Olly olly outcome free, here come the G
I'm saggin' and enter the dragon like Bruce Lee
I gots to get mo' money, mo' money
Can't get pus*y with no money
See I'm kind of greedy 'cause all my heroes
Got zeroes in back of a one
Here's my gun, about to get paid at last
But now I'm gettin' covered in dirt and gra*s, kick it

The madder I get, the higher the debt
The deeper you get, the thicker the sweat
'Cause I'm a nigga with fat clout
But you in, but you gotta get back out
No easy job, for some s*ckers is out to rob
Crosshair on your dome and your mind's blown
You wanna go home, ain't that a bitch?
Cube, dig the ditch, yep


I got a full time job of takin' s*ckers out
Breakin' 'em off, yeah word, I love revokin' clout
Test me, stress me, who could the best be?
The teflon nine go through vests G
But when you're greedy you don't care about life itself
You're chasin' extreme wealth
You can't be trusted 'cause trust ain't in the f**kin' game
Scandalous is your f**kin' name

I'm the motherf**ker you're stuck with
Ice Cube, wrong nigga to f**k with
I'm rich, pitchin' a bitch about gettin' mo'
The big fish, swimmin' in big dough
The G backstabber, I got to have a
Lexus Coupe, when I troop
With the ski mask, gotta get the cash
My homeboy ain't home, so f**k it I'll trespa*s


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