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  2. Bad to the Bone

Bad to the Bone (2007)

The album Bad to the Bone is released by Inner Circle in the year 2007 .

  1. Sweat (A La La La Long)
  2. Shock Out Jamaican Style
  3. Bad To The Bone
  4. Rock With You
  5. Long Time (Selassie A Warn Yu)
  6. Hey Love
  7. Slow It Donw
  8. Living It Up
  9. Stuck In The Middle
  10. Looking For A Better Way
  11. Wrapped Up In Your Love
  12. Bad Boys
  13. Party Party
  14. Sunglasses At Nite
  15. Tear Down These Walls
  16. Down By The River
  17. Hold On To The Ridim'
  18. Why Them Gwan So