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Sexii Lyrics

Verse 1
Girl I was wondering, say what’s your sign
Could you be a Scorpio
(Say Girl Excuse me ) Pardon me if I’m out of line
But I know your mood is s*xual.

Girl lets just ride off the natural vibes (lets get closer)
Come on
And if you feel that special wanna roll wit a fello come on
Girl you can trust in me

I’d be a fool not to talk to you (you s*xy)
Hey hey hey you s*xy (repeat)
Ya make me say, when you come my way (she’s s*xy)
Hey, hey, hey you s*xy

Must be a full moon
Must be that kind of night
are you feeling lonely
Cause I can make it right
I can be your man ( I can wife ya)
I can be your understanding
Just to come to late night ya (But girl…)

Repeat B-section and Hook

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