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Janie Fricke

  1. Playin' Hard To Get
  2. I'll Love Away Your Troubles For Awhile
  3. Pass Me By (If You're Only Passing Through)
  4. But Love Me
  5. Down To My Last Broken Heart
  6. I'll Need Someone To Hold Me (When I Cry)
  7. Don't Worry 'Bout Me Baby
  8. Do Me With Love
  9. You Don't Know Love
  10. It Ain't Easy Bein' Easy
  11. He's A Heartache (Looking For A Place To Happen)
  12. Let's Stop Talkin' About It
  13. Tell Me A Lie
  14. If The Fall Don't Get You
  15. Your Heart's Not In It
  16. The First Word In Memory Is Me
  17. She's Single Again