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Day Disappears With The Absence Of Night Lyrics

A day remains a day no matter how long the life,
so why worry about what a day may bring forth.

Looking at the hole within yourself,
though right at the time, quickly leads to no end and
only widens the gap between existence and the essence
you've sought for so long.

Just never move without purpose, or act without faith,
without each other there is nothing,
within you lay everything, every key, every secret,
untouched and in plain sight.

Graphite e fumo, mirrors and the like,
blinded by the realities that be, the fact remains
we don't act the same but will always be.
Do not worry about what you don't know,
those days will come,
all will be revealed.

our choices are promises made to our selves,
our choices are commitments, binded by light,
for our light to be seen all our words will be heard

In constant change, life will come as is and as it stands
you are made of everything you've ever needed
Your perfection lives in the mind,
Beauty is the soul.

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