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Late Night Car Crash Lyrics

Broke down and it's hard to relay
The emptiness of fate
Not knowing where to turn
Street lamps seem to guide the way
As if to a better place for now

Headlights blinding
Car crash see nothing

Broke down I wish I could relate
My friends like digging graves
Our sheets stay different shades
Sadly but I can't fill their void
Beaucse I'm just another boy
For you


:chorus 2:
Then you appear from outer space
From clean white sheets
I see your face
Beautiful overwhelmed
You're my life thank you

Could you please send me
That tiny silver shell
So I could lie down and rest
My head for a while
Sorry to seem abrupt but it seems
That there are some things
Just slightly out of reach
Or impossible to find.


:chorus 2:

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