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He'll Never Leave Me Lyrics

Words and Music by Dawn Thomas
I've let Him down before
Broken His heart don't know what for
And yet to me He's still the same
He's faithful and He'll never change
And I know He'll never take his love away
He'll never leave me
I know how much He loves me
He'll always stand beside me
Even when I fall
He'll be there to defend me
When I'm wrong forgive me
He'll never hold my past against me
But He'll be there when I call
I'll never be lonely
When the nights get long He'll hold me
He promised He'd be with me
And that's how I know
He will never leave me
He will never leave me
I found Him to be a friend
Time after time and then again
I know the seasons may come and go
But his love's like a river it always flows
So I know He'll never turn and walk away
Repeat chorus
Keyboards: Robbie Buchanan
Additional Keyboards: Brad Cole
Guitars: Michael Thompson
Ba*s: Vail Johnson
Drums: John Robinson
Percussion: Lenny Castro
BG Vocals: Ellis Hall, Jackie Gouché-Ferris & Amy Keys
(C) 1990 McSpadden Music (a division of McSpadden Smith Music LLC) (BMI)

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