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Dry-Land Fish Lyrics

DRY-LAND FISH Written by Anthony Kenney, Greg Martin, Fred Young, Richard Young, and Doug Phelps >From the album "Songs from the Gra*s String Ranch" Vocals: Fred Young Well, springtime is coming and everything's in bloom The corn has been planted, so we'll make some moon Over by the swinging bridge I'll meet my Sarah Jean And we'll go tippy-toeing through the gra*s as it turns green (CHORUS) Dry-land fish, so good for the soul You just reach out and grab 'em and put 'em in a poke And if a genie gave me a bottle, there'd be three things I'd wish Corn, greens and taters, and dry-land fish (Spoken:) Get back, Jojo... You know, the neighbors they come a-runnin' when ol' George gives the call They'll bring those Smith and Hawkins and Duckbill overalls And we'll dig a little ginseng and pull some yellow root And I'll make a magic potion with a mushroom or two (REPEAT CHORUS) (Spoken:) What's it mean, Mr. Natural? Hey, incense is a-burnin' and the atmosphere is right Zeppelin's on the radio, ain't no heartaches here tonight There's dancing in the kitchen and laughter in the hall Ain't that why we are here, after all? (REPEAT CHORUS) (Spoken:) Everybody now... (REPEAT CHORUS) (Spoken:) Ahh.. 'twas ever thus. Whoo!

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