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  2. Kim Carnes

Kim Carnes

  1. Chain Letter
  2. Gypsy Honeymoon
  3. Don't Cry Now
  4. Still Hold On
  5. Bette Davis Eyes
  6. Mistaken Identity
  7. More Love
  8. Thrill Of The Grill
  9. It Hurts So Bad
  10. Don't Fall In Love With A Dreamer
  11. Rough Edges
  12. I'll Be Here Where The Heart Is
  13. Crazy In The Night (Barking At Airplanes)
  14. Make No Mistake, He's Mine - Kim Carnes With Barbara Streisand
  15. You're A Part Of Me - Kim Carnes With Gene Cotton
  1. Does It Make You Remember
  2. Don't Fall In Love With A Dream
  3. Cry Like A Baby
Café Racers
Oct 2001
  1. You Make My Heart Beat Faster
  2. Young Love
  3. Met You at the Wrong Time in My Life
  4. Hurricane
  5. Universal Song
  6. Hangin' on by a Thread (A Sad Affair of the Heart)
  7. Kick in the Heart
  8. Invitation to Dance [Vocal Dance Mix][*][Version]
  1. Love Me Like You Never Did Before
  2. Swept Me Off My Feet (The Part Of The Fool)
  3. Begging For Favors
  4. What Good Is Love (Later on the Equator)
  5. Just To Spend Tonight With You
  6. Abadabadango
  7. Along With The Radio
  8. Black And White
  9. Bon Voyage
  10. Brass & Batons
  11. Checkin' Out The Ghosts
  12. Divided Hearts
  13. Get Busy
  14. Good Old Days
  15. Hangin' On By A Thread
  16. He'll Come Around
  17. Heartbreak Radio
  18. I'd Lie To You For Your Love
  19. I'll Be There Where The Heart Is
  20. If You Don't Want My Love
  21. In Chill Of The Night
  22. It's Not The Spotlight
  23. Last Thing You Ever Wanted To Do
  24. Merc Man
  25. Miss You Tonight
  26. Oliver (voice On The Radio)
  27. One Kiss
  28. Paris Without You (St Vincent's Court)
  29. Piece Of The Sky
  30. Somewhere in the Night
  31. Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness
  32. Tear's Edge
  33. That's Where The Trouble Lies
  34. The Best Of You
  35. The Thrill Of The Grill
  36. The Universal Song
  37. Touch And Go
  38. Tubin'
  39. Waiting for the Pain to Go Away
  40. Warm Love
  41. You Say You Love Me
  42. You're a Part of Me
  43. Crazy In Love
  44. Crimes Of The Heart
  45. All He Did Was Tell Me Lies
  46. Nothing Makes Me Feel as Good as a Love...
  47. Bad Seed
  48. Let Your Love Come Easy
  49. Breakin' Away From Sanity
  50. He Makes The Sun Rise (Orpheus)
  51. Break The Rules Tonight (Out of School)
  52. The Arrangement
  53. Independent Girl
  54. Crazy in the night
  55. To Love Somebody
  56. Take It On The Chin Baby
  57. Say You Don't Know Me
  58. Nothin' Better Than Love
  59. Met You At The Wrong Time of My Life
  60. Love Comes From Unexpected Places
  61. A Kick In The Heart
  62. Fantastic Fire Of Love
  63. Blood From The Bandit
  64. Willie And The Hand Jive
  65. You Are Everything
  66. Do You Love Her
  67. Don't Pick Up The Phone (Pick Up The Phone)
  68. Crazy In The Night (Barking At Airplanes)
  69. River of Memories
  70. Dancin' At The Lighthouse
  71. Only Lonely Love
  72. Looker
  73. Undertow
  74. Sailin'
  75. It Could Have Been Better
  76. Look Through Children's Eyes
  77. Hang on to Your Airplane (Honeymoon)