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Share The Road Lyrics

Troubled at the office, troubled at the bank
I put my hands against the tree line
I know it's real but it still feels fake
The last thing I remember from that world
Was a drum take clicked out on the tape too slow

Oh what a life we give
Toward obsessions and curled toes
And the death line that's running
Through our friends as well as foes
And the tree line looks over like a bending ghost
As I go down this road of the bored and boring

No one saw it coming, everyone was shocked
So I bummed my roommate's helmet
And keep a tight grip on my bike lock
Take the side streets, keep my eyes closed
Oh, it only takes a second to pa*s

I've had some really nice people
Say some really smart things to me
I've had really nice people
Bummer out here in this bed next to me

So I sing my life in circles
Through these outrages and I
Have had some really nice people
Have to tell me goodbye
So I give a wish to a nickel, close my eyes and
let it fly and try to stay positive.

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