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Someday Lyrics


I hear you calling me
saying my child hold on
and I feel you touchin me
remindin me to be strong
though I must admit it's hard for me
to see through this hurt and pain
but in your arm I know I'll be free someday
oooh yeah yeah


Sometimes it seems to me
that the power of love is gone
everyone fights yet they want peace
I wonder where we went wrong
but in my dreams there is a place
where the sun lasts always
I know it's hard for you to see
but soon there comes a day when]


love will never end
broken heart will mend again
yesterday as been replaced
now we have another chance
to save someone whose lost
give them help,no matter the cost
we'll stand together come what may
we'll all be free someday


I know it's not easy
to laugh with tears on your face
but,my friend just believe in me
I know there is a better place
where everyone will be the same
and we won't have to cry no more
so when this world turns you away
just know my friend there will be a day when



Don't forget without the rain
flowers never grow
my friend the clouds won't last always
I promise you there will be a day when


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