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Abyssal Gates Lyrics

Enter the gates of pure abominations
of abyssic chambers with infinite dimensions
frozen winds distant shine of stars
distorted reflections
of the slaughtered and damned
following circles of malignant essence
fallen angels feasting thru seas of black blood
awaiting for the summoning of infamous command
as the blackest sun solstice breeds
blinding shine of cataclysms
ma*sive merciless genocide

mayhemic spells of pure chaos evocation
supreme conjuration of satanic rites
cleanse the race of damnation
in a stormy blast dragged reaped flesh
destroy the doomed corpse with lust
release it's soul upon the blackest bounds
infernal hordes of hades enraged
fierce beasts ride for decay
destroy the legions of the dethroned emperor
whip it's souls upon the underword of
majesty and damnation

impureness turns into pureness
beyond the gates upon the infernal circles
drowned and damned where etter flows
and moribund awaits
along the putrid waters of Acheron
torn corpses dragged and crushed
into storms of grinding flesh
whilrwinds of carrion and putrid stench
evil gods of warfare and revenge rejoice

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