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Blind Possession Lyrics

Defying and marching above the sacred signs
Controlled by fury of the storms
from the deepest pit below
I came to defend the destiny of the damned
and proclame the empire's decay
warrior of the evil spawn
moving by black winds
and following the trail of war and pain

Sworn to die serving the sword
smell of dead leads my path
infernal pleasure to sacrifice
disgrace of the next one is my rest
before the fire
full of repulsion
I summon thy enemy

Accursed from birth
only the death satisfy my will
bestial screams torments my soul
all became black inside me
ride over victims remains
pouding the hammer
smashin' their heads

Victimized on it's knees
I hear the enemies son's crying
damnation in seas of blood
exalting my spirit
feeding tha hate that dwells in me
revengefull manifest
all their terror ends in sacrifice

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