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Limbo Lyrics

The song Limbo is performed by Kylie Minogue in the album named Confide in Me: the Irresistible Kylie in the year 2007 .

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I see them all smiling, those
all around me, they tend to
my wounds and alert my
senses and it would be
nice, but I'm not here, I'm
dreaming holding on

Time has no meaning, all of
it wasted it, smothers me
till there's no more air, when
will it be that I can breathe
again, I'm waiting in the void

This notion of needing has
held me ransom, and all I
can do is avoid my mind,
don't make me speak or
hear or look because I'm
hurting, help me out

Caught in a crossfire
nobody gets it, I'm finding
it hard to contain myself
take all my trust and faith
and hope until I need it
once again

Limbo, lost in limbo
I'm killing time

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