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Mac Davis

  1. It's Hard To Be Humble
  2. Hooked On Music
  3. Rodeo Clown
  4. You're My Bestest Friend
  5. Secrets
  6. Texas In My Rear View Mirror
  7. Let's Keep It That Way
  8. Midnight Crazy
  9. Shame On The Moon
  10. Most Of All
  1. Dream Me Home
  2. The Lonesomest Lonesome
  3. Everybody Loves A Love Song
  4. Naughty Girl
  5. Half And Half (Song For Sarah)
  6. Spread Your Love On Me
  7. Whoever Finds This, I Love You
  8. Poor Boy Boogie
  9. The Words (Don't Come Easy)
  10. Soft, Sweet Fire
  11. The Sweetest Song
  12. Two Plus Two
  13. The Birthday Song
  14. A Poor Man's Gold
  15. Lucas Was A Redneck
  16. Kiss It And Make It Better
  17. It' s Hard To Be Humble
  18. Rock N' Roll (I Gave You The Best Years Of My Life)
  1. Forever Lovers
  2. Every Now And Then
  3. Your Side Of The Bed
  4. Picking Up The Pieces Of My Life
  5. I'll Paint You A Song
  6. (If You Add) All The Love In The World
  7. I Still Love You (You Still Love Me)
  8. Music In My Life
  9. Beginning To Feel The Pain
  10. Watching Scotty Grow