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Forget About It Lyrics

The song Forget About It is performed by Melissa O'Neil in the album named Melissa O'Neil in the year 2021 .

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Selective memory conveniently drops by
when youre up in the club and some girls caught your eye
what you dont think i hear rumors?
My friends dont have eyes?

I know your minds like a computer
but you turn it off sometimes
I wonder what youre doing to me
what youre doing boy
I remember

Chorus: Dont play dumb
cause i know what youre thinking
Forget about it
Back it up
cause you know that i
wont forgive you wont forget the
damage done
and i wont take you back
Forget about it

You remember science books
the French you took last year
Every single sports statistic but you still dont get it dear
I wonder are you really with me?
Are you really boy?
Just remember


Boy i know this one thing
You aint forgetting nothing

Chorus (repeat same as above)

Dont you forget about it
Forget about it!

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Melissa O'Neil - Melissa O'Neil