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Frankie and Albert Lyrics

Frankie and Albert were sweet hearts
Lord how they could love
Vowed to love one another
Baby 'neath the stars above
It was her man and he was doin' her wrong

Frankie went down to the bar room
To get herself a bucket of beer
Say hey to da' lone bartender
Say hey has my lovely man been here?
It was my man,an' he was doing me wrong

Bartender said "Ms Frankie
Honey I can't tell you no lie
He left here about an hour ago
With that hussie named Nelly Bly
It was your man,he was doing you wrong"

Frankie,she cried,she cried,she cried
Lord what have I done?
I done give lovin' to this man
He tookmy love and run
It was my man,and he was doing me wrong

Albert saw Frankie comin',He say
"Oh lord baby,don't you shoot
Well you know,out from under that red kimono"
The gun went rootie toot toot
She shot that man 'cause he was doin' her wrong

Boo hoo,boo.hoo,boo hoo,boo,hoo
Frankie say baby what have I done?
You know I shot the only man I loved a cold 41
It was my man an' he was doin'me wrong

Play it for a while

High Sheriff come clippety,clippety,clippety,clippety
Clippety,clippety,clippety the trail
I say,"Look here Frankie I'm gone' tell ya'
You done shot yo' man,
I'm gon' hafta put cha in da county jail"
Talkin ' 'bout that man an he was doin' her wrong

Frankie she laid in da jail house
Now ya' know there ain't no one to go her bail
But cha know big Jim say honey
I'm workin on you ,try to get you outta that jail
Tell about yo man cause he was doin you wrong

An' our story go on

Frankie an Albert were sweethearts
Lord how they could love
Vowed to love one another
Underneath the staes above
Talkin bout that man an he was doin her wrong

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