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Back for Good (2007)

The album Back for Good is released by Modern Talking in the year 2007 .

  1. You're My Heart, You're My Soul (New Version)
  2. Brother Louie (New Version)
  3. I Will Follow You (New Hit '98)
  4. Cheri Cheri Lady (New Version)
  5. Yoiu Can Win If You Want (New Version)
  6. Don't Play With My Heart (New Hit '98)
  7. Atlantis Is Caling (New Version)
  8. Geronimo's Cadicallac (New Version)
  9. Give Me Peace On Earth (New Version)
  10. We Take The Chance (New Version)
  11. Jet Airliner (New Version)
  12. Lady Lai (New Version)
  13. Anything Is Possible (New Version)
  14. In 100 Years
  15. Brother Louie (Modern Taking Mix '98 Feat. Eric Singleton)
  16. You're My Heart, You're My Soul (Modern Talking Mix '98 Feat. Eric Singleton)
  17. You Can Win If You Want (Original No. 3 Mix '84)
  18. No, 1 Hit Medley