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Uh,oh Lyrics

Have you ever slipped up & caught up in something
Crimilating evidence uh oh oh uh
Didn't pay attention when you thought you were creepin'
You thought you kept on the low oh oh uh oh
I thought I had my game tight until I got caught up in the night
Cause I didn't turn off my cell phone on on
Heard everything I said & I was so busted & all could say was uh oh

Betta what them 2 ways (it will get ya caught up)
Caller I'd will (it will get caught up)
Message on the voice(it'll get ya caught up)
Them shady friends that go & tell(caught up, caught up)
Uh oh, uh oh, uh oh, uh oh ...

Now one time there caught this guy in a really crazy lie
I guess he taught I did know oh oh oh
So I didn't say a word about what I had heard
Then I had to see how far he would go oh oh oh
Cause the girl, he was talking to was cool this girl I already knew
That I knew everything they did, you know she told old old
So I stopped by his crib when I knew she's be with him
And all that he could say uh oh

Everything you in the dark you know it's
Gonna have to come to the light
So you're gonna run out of luck if yo' game ain't tight
And ya get caught up
All my homegirls listen to mo'
Stay on top of the game so your man will never know
Why not fella just keep it low
So your girls won't have to hear you say
Uh oh

[hook out]

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