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Dance Over The Water Lyrics

I watched the sailboats sailing, felt the salty sea wind blow
Held captive by such beauty, time's motion rocks my soul
This picture postcard morning drinking coffee on the sand
The children calling "Mommy, Mommy, come and hold my hand"

Dance over the water
I watch the children as they play
Dance over the water
I'll be as free as them someday

My mind slips back to times when the earth was thought a square
A terrifying mystery, sea dragons lived up there
My time machine begins to work, I see the pirate ships
Enraptured till I taste some salt air upon my lips


The sun is seeking rest, it's leaving now for goodbye
My wind burned face is cooled by the orange and purple sky
If only dreams were magic things, if only for a day
I'd wish that I could be a bird and simply fly away
(Refrain - 2x)

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