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He Don't Know Me Lyrics

Well, I'm sure
He knows my name
But he don't know me
To him, I'm just another name
Cause he don't know me
All he knows is what he sees
But that's not all
There is in me
Oh no, oh no
Deep inside, I'm like the ocean
Pounding endlessly deep inside me
There's emotion
And just his kiss will set it free

He will watch me come and go
But still he won't know me
He will smile and say " hello"
But still he won't know me
But in time, there'll come a day
I'll find the words,
My heart must say
"Oh ya, oh ya

Gonna make him love me
Gonna make him care
And when I'm sure that he loves me
I'll have the world in my hands

And I won't care
If nobody else knows me
As long as he knows me

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