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I Dreamed You Lyrics

"The night is cold, the air is still"
The earth lies frozen in the chill
My fingers idly trace your name
Across the icy window pane
The stars look down so bright and clear
I close my eyes and wish you near
"You come to me, you always do"
I dreamed you

All at once the winter's done
And warm my field the summer sun
We walked through fields where flowers grow
The way we did so long ago
I leave this weary world behind
And softly find you in my mind
'Cause lying in the morning dew
I dreamed you

I dreamed your fingers touched my face
I feel you're locked in my embrace
"As once more you are mine, but now..."
The summer sun is growing dim
I stand here lonely in the wind
And hear the sounds of spring no more
For like so many times before
You drift away and I recall
But you were never here at all
For now the interlude is through
I only dreamed you
I only dreamed you
I only dreamed you

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