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Mayday Lyrics

Maydays turn up grey days
Soon as he says it's gonna be goodbye
Sunshine hasn't shone for sometime
When the day is dull I'm a solitary girl

As you turned around to meet me
I saw rain clouds in your eyes

"Mayday, Maydays made to make me cry"
Wash away the cobwebs from the sky
"To clear my mind, storm beats"
"Drummin' up overhead, warm sheets"
"Makin' me stay in bed, dawn weeps"
Washing my cares away

"Easy, easier to please me"
"Never ever leave me, gotta stay close by"
Together underneath an umbrella
Never care about the weather or stormy skies

As you turned around to meet me
I saw rainbows in your eyes

Refrain (Bis)

La la la la la la la ...
"Storm beats, drummin' up overhead, warm sheets"

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