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Oh Mama, Mama Lyrics

Oh mamma mamma
I am very happy
I never knew
A girl happier than me
The bells are peeling
And my head is reeling
I have got a feeling
This just cannot be
La la la la.....
La la la la.....

I hear the music
Floating through the window
And I see them dancing
In the city square
My heart is beating
And keeps on repeating
I will soon be meeting
My lover who is there


Oh mamma mamma
Mamma wish me well now
Help me weave a spell now
Make my lover care

Eyes as bright as jewels
In the moonlight
He's the one,the only one
And I love him so
Oh!please mamma
Tell me I look pretty
I must be on my way
I can't wait to go

Oh soon my love
And I will be together
Into a new world
We will dance away
Oh!mamma maybe
He's going to tell me
Darling,we will marry
What a happy day

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