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Eddy & Diamonds Lyrics

Let's just say I've got my soul set
I'm finding things out
Too many seem to have forgotten
This is a mighty small town

Eddy and Diamonds
Threw caution farther to the wind
Then all the cuss that said “I don't belong here”
And swore to God that it would not come back again

There's no one on the streets now
Except for black girls and cops
I will make no promise
If we decide to stay

Eddy and Diamonds
Always kept their distance to themselves
They came without a warning
And they swore to God that they would tell nobody else
They would tell nobody else

Then someone said that they came
To bury our gold above the ground
So every one could place blame
On any stranger that might come around

Eddy and Diamonds
Never killing more than they could kill
And just like the dust that settles down here
They swore to God that they would never leave

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