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Cinderella Dress Lyrics

Accused of blesphamy, when your heart sank into me, one more inch, and you have my heart perfectly, with these lungs you breath, one last chance and your heart will collapse, with these lungs of gold, you cant take it away, you cant take these lungs you cant take this life you cant take these feelings ive had all along, im tired of losing myself in your eyes so caught up in this lucid dream,, i can see your pupils dialating from the side of this rotating gla*s ball, what kind of site is this, its the site of our chemistry rising like a ___-every beat, whatever you say were alive were not dead, were taking each step and were taking each breath of love, then she said, so take these brutal hands and put them away for a while, would you sweat if we asked you to dance in the style, slick that hair back pop that collar, would you sweat under pressure, will you stay, will you stay here, will you dance, will you dance with me?

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