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D.S.K.O. Lyrics

How long does it take you to realize you're dead from this
No matter what you do, wont phase me now
Everything from the blistering sun
To the stars, to the moon, to the midnight gloom
Never said I liked you but it doesn't matter anyway
Your putrid heart will never fail to glow
But now this scene is glistening for you and all I have to say is nothing at all
D.S.K.O., D.S.K.O., D.S.K.O., D.S.K.O., D.S.K.O.
Don't care what you're all about cause D.S.K.O.'s all I know
DSKO's our tribute to everybody who we've known
The lions, the tigers, the walrus, the coyote
Now you're here, now you're down
Make yourself visible, like your invincible
Now you're here and ready to go

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