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Strizzand Lyrics

Break the sound! he said we said, you never want it to end, he said its dead, it never dies, keep on breathing, on the dance floor, before the beat runs out, break the sound, all my life i been waiting for this moment to come and now i see your face, break the sound, now were gonna see what you got on the dance floor, so lets so lets so lets break the sound, hows it feel to know, hows it gonna end, with our feet to the floor, and our bodys shakin and shakin, and twitchen just like when you came in the darkeness you poisoned our hearts with your love, now all we know, all we see, is our vibrating heart beats, break the sound, so you want your messiah, its these dj's and players, keep on living, keep on breathing, keep on dying, keep on trying.

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