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South Tacoma Way Lyrics

South Tacoma Way
by Neko Case and her Boyfriends
From Furnace Room Lullaby

Chords transcribed by Warren Owen ( wozza@altcountrytab.com )
From the AltCountryTab.com website which rather surprisingly
can be found at www.altcountrytab.com
I could do with the lyrics corrected

Please visit the AltCountryTab.com website!!!

I [F]put on that sweater you [C]gave me
I [Am]woke up in the kitchen a [G]few minutes later
I [F]didn't know how I had [C]gotten there
Did you [G]guide me?

I [F]didn't make it to your [C]funeral
I didn't want [Am]ritual or [G]resign
I just [F]wanted to hold [C]hands with
[F]J.P and [C]Mary-Jo
But I [F]couldn't conjure [C]tears
We're too [Am]good for stupid [G]angels
Mike just [F]held his breath [C]beside me
And burned the [F]air 'til it was [C]gone
'Til it was [F]gone[C]
'Til it was [F]gone[G]

-1-------0-------1-------0-------1-------0-------3---- ( a ba*s riff is played which
-1-------1-------1-------1-------1-------1-------0---- can be replicated by doing
-2-2-0---0-------2-2-0---0-------2-2-0---0-------0---- something like this on one
-3-----3-2---0-2-3-----3-2---0-2-3-----3-2-------0---- guitar... this riff also
-3-------3-3-----3-------3-3-----3-------3-3-2-0-2-0-2 happens over the Hoo-hoos
-x-------x-------x-------x-------x-------x-------3---- and the verse endings )

[F]Hooo-oh -- [C]Hoo Hooo
[F]Hooo [C]ahhhhh
[F]Hooo-oh - [C]Hoo Hoo [G]hoo

Couldn't [F]pay my respects to a [C]dead man
Your [Am]life was much more to [G]me
And I [F]chased away with [C]sticks and stones
But that [F]rage kept following [C]me
Following [F]me[C]
Following [F]me[G]

So [F]lost I would sleep in the [C]palms of your hands
In [Am]dreams we were happy and [G]safe
I [F]can't comprehend the [C]ways that I miss you
They come to [F]light in my mis[C]takes
In my mis[F]takes[C]
In my mis[F]takes[G]

Now I'm [F]driving down [Em]Tacoma Way[G]
And [C]the world turns in slow [F]motion
It's the [C]twilight of our [G]old home
And I'm [F]still in [G]love with [C]you

Oh [F]here on South [Em]Tacoma Way[G]
[C]We've memories for [F]matinees
And the [Am]tears come warm and [G]heavy
And the [F]cross-streets [G]bear your [C]name
Oh the [F]cross-streets [G]bear your [C]name

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