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All On You Lyrics

The song All On You is performed by New Edition in the album named One Love in the year 2004 .

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Yeah [x4]

(P. Diddy)
This Bad Boy baby
N.E., 2004
Bad Boy now

The name's DeVoe
A.K.A. Blake, oh
Make young lady's rump shake
I bake Donald Trump cake
Real estate investin'
Restin' the sands in Destin'
Yes in my..(Cubano)
Have.. (Mexicano)
Young fly.. (Milado)
Move so.. (Milady)
Up and down like she gots.. (hydrolics)
Side to side, her body's.. (hypnotic)
You can't the one and only
I only want you to have fun with the homies
Homies, we take them up out the arena
Back and forth like Venus and Sirena
Seen her?.. (have you seen her?)
Ya know my M.O.
R dot DiVoe, everything's a go, oh
Wait, before I lose that number
Somebody in the crew might want to talk to her

I see you starin' in my face
You look real s*xual
I like the way you move
Girl ya makin' me want to
If you like, we can change the scene
And go somewhere with me
Ya body's callin' me
You already know what I wanna do

40 rich, 40 chicks in the mix
How freaky can shorty get
Domino effect, one by one, they all go down
I'll be done by the sun... up
I got stamina
If I can't then my man can handle her
We don't hide'em, we just divide'em
You need? we got'em
Here we'll provide'em
I don't love'er, never handcuff'er
Only if she like that, then I get rough with'er
'cause I can do it anyway you like
Only catch is you can't stay the night
Wake up, fix your hair and your make-up
We make a good couple but now we gotta break-up
B.I.V.I.N. rep N.E. Bad Boy now
This sound is B.B.D.

The party's in my place
Chicks all in the pool
Ecstacy in the air
As I exit out with you
Tearin' off my shirt
Unbucklin' my belt
Tossin' bottoms up
Now I got you fallin' in love

Half naked women is the life that I'm livin', my
Head's spinnin', the clock strikes five
(Yo how many girls can you fit in that ride?)
I don't know, the outfits will help me decide
Less is more, and the more the merrier
Hurry up, the next stop, the Marriot
Tear her belly out while smearin' her mascara up
Poof, then its back on the bus
She never knew we checked out 'til they're wakin' her up
Don't blame me, better blame the one raisin' her up
"Look, that's not my daughter on that cam-corder" (nu-uh)
I'm not daddy, even though she call me that, you know me
I don't call'em back, I'll catch you at the next party we be at
(Ayo Blake, I don't think you would'a wanted that)

[Repeat twice]
You can... call me up if you want love
Whatever you wanna do
Get some friends, jump in the Benz
Tonight is all on you
Girl your body's, got me goin, crazy, outta control
Gotta see you outta them clothes
Tonight is all on you

(P. Diddy)
N.E. ... livin' legends
Bad Boy now
Ya done started somethin'

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New Edition - One Love