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Legalism Lyrics

take what you can from me.
rob me of my sanity.
your laws of flesh i've broken.
you stifle me, i choke your incision to my brain, i cut and bleed.
you wanna except the truth about the great, I Am.
first you better except who I Am in the great, I Am.
remember your spiritual life is free and equals freedom.
no laws can effectively describe some spiritual regulation.
spiritual regulation (3x)
legalism (15x)
getting to the core of this deception.
in a rat race full of rejection, you say these laws will give you life.
i think life can be found only in Jesus Christ.
these laws cause bondage.
slaves to your own sins.
Christ is justification.
hold up your end.
crucify your flesh daily, as much as you can.
and quanatize, spiritual walk.
but you can take up your cross and follow, follow today.

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