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Never Come Back Lyrics

Bet you didn't think I heard you
You're always talking all the damn time
About the things you had to go through
I tuned you out drinking my cheap wine

You're always looking for a hand me down
You never did think to pa*s it around
You're looking for redemption
Oh and slowly burnin out

I don't care what you do what your name is
You don't impress me with the money you have
And on the inside you're carrying a heartache
You're all alone and you can never come back

Where you from and whats your name son
I need to know again tonight
But I never get an answer
I'll rock and roll or we can talk all night

Tied down by the trip wire
And nobodys by my side
They know I'm running on empty
And time is pa*sing me by

Repeat Chorus

Guess you didn't know by now that I'm not like you
You didn't pick up the pieces, after everything broke in two

Repeat Chorus

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