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Who I Want to Be Lyrics

If I gave you up for gone, quit all of this holding on, would I wake up tomorrow feeling better? What if hopes the only thing keeping me from crumbling, the last thread holding the pieces together. And it’s hard to tell the one that i’ll regret just letting you know that I’m not giving up yet.


Such an ordinary day, you know the one you went away. I’ve relived each minute a million times. And all the things I almost did then didn’t do instead keep running around in circles in my mind. This heavy heart just won’t let me rest till I’ve convinced myself that I tried my best.


And I wonder where could you be? I wonder why, did you leave without me.

I want to run out to the edge of town, scream your name for hours out loud. Turn this world upside down to find you. I want to build myself a time machine, to go back and change everything to see you here with me. That’s the closest I’ve ever been to who I want to be.

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