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I Be Trappin' Lyrics

i be trappin, i be trappin
i be workin, i be twerkin
i be movin, i be joogin
i be bussin down dem birds (x4)

(verse 1)
trappin is a must, i be servin all da time man
im posted on the crest with dem bricks pills and pounds
old school chevy 20 inches off the ground
blowin on this kush and roll it straight up out the pound
32 ent. dog we constantly workin
'07 avalanche same color urkel
flyin down 20 and we all smokin purple
twerkin 5 phones we'll call em' chirp mobiles
movin units dog thats a every day hobby
20,000 dollars for the juice to go shoppin
50 karat bracelet, 80 karat chain
spendin big gwap 'cause money ain't a thang
i be movin, i be joogin, i be bussin niggas heads
with this A1 recipe, got me all this bread
ima stay 10 toes and try to duck the feds
young juiceman bitch, and i ain't never scared

chorus (x4)

(verse 2)
big shit poppin, lil shit stoppin
the track plus my vocals got yo head boppin
lenin suits and prada is what rhe juice rockin
multi colored diamonds got yo bitch eye poppin
chain swang shawty, got yo hoe arch hoppin
i need a new car so am i car lot boppin
shut down the mall when i go shoppin
100,000 nights and 60 of it profit
'lac same color camel road red lobster
eatin calimari swordfish with the mobsters
lendin out money, like i am a loanshark
ridin in the 645 with the loenheart
chevy truck plus, hummer truck plus, 745 same color as the bus
36 bricks in my dooley truck, rollin up the barney, countin up bucks


(verse 3)
mountain dew monte carlo sittin on 26's
in the kitchen dog and im whippin like 2 chickens
hustlin is a habit, cornbread and cabbage
the brickhouse times 2 dog i made it happen
try to jack shit then the roogas get to clappin
country boy, half a brick so im high taxin
magic city monday nights yo paper dog im matchin
gla*s house jumpin, like a pissy mattress
pissy chain, pissy ring, jewelry got a bladder problem
mazarati suicide doors call that bitch skywalker
mexican plug dog sendin work cross that salty water
young juiceman got the gwap runnin cross the border
500 chicken hell yea thats a big order
big chain, big ring with 5 top lawyers
im juiceman 32 ent.
bouldercrest B.O.U.N.D.

chorus (x4)

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