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Ol' Dirty Bastard

Ol' Dirty Bastard was born on 15 Nov 1968 in East New York, Brooklyn, New York City, New York. His birth name was Russell Tyrone Jones. His is also called Ol' Dirty Bastard.Ol' Dirty Bastard died on 13 Nov 2004.

He was a rapper and occasional producer, who went by the stage name Ol' Dirty Bastard (often shortened to ODB). He was one of the founding members of the hip hop group Wu-Tang Clan.After establishing the Wu-Tang Clan, Ol' Dirty Bastard went on to a successful solo career. However, his professional success was hampered by his erratic personal behavior and frequent legal troubles, including incarceration.

Ol' Dirty Bastard released the following albums including Return to the 36 Chambers (1995), Shimmy Shimmy Ya / Baby C'Mon (1995), Nigga Please (1999), Got Your Money (2000), The Dirty Story: The Best of ODB (2001), Trials & Tribulations of Russell Jones (2002), O.D.B.E.P. (2003), Osirus (2005), Free to Be Dirty: Live (2005), In Memory Of...Vol. 3 (2007) and Message to the Other Side (2009).

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  1. Shimmy Shimmy Ya, Extended Version
  2. Shimmy Shimmy Ya, LP Version
  3. Baby C'Mon, LP Version
  4. Shimmy Shimmy Ya, Extended Instrumental
  5. Baby C'Mon, LP Version
  6. Baby C'Mon, Shimmy Shimmy Ya Extended Acapella
Got Your Money
Feb 2000
  1. Got Your Money (Amended Version)
  2. Got Your Money (Instrumental)
  3. Got Your Money (Acappella)
  4. I Can't Wait (Amended Version)
  5. I Can't Wait (Instrumental)
  6. I Can't Wait (Acappella)
  7. Cold Blooded (Amended Version)
  1. Shimmy Shimmy Ya (LP Version) [Explicit]
  2. Brooklyn Zoo (LP Version) [Explicit]
  3. Got Your Money (featuring Kelis) (LP Version) [Explicit]
  4. Dirty Dancin' (LP Version) [Explicit]
  5. Rawhide (LP Version) [Explicit]
  6. Proteck Ya Neck (LP Version) [Explicit]
  7. Recognize (LP Version) [Explicit]
  8. Cold Blooded (LP Version) [Explicit]
  9. Fantasy (Remix) Mariah Carey Featuring ODB [Explicit]
  10. I Can't Wait (LP Version) [Explicit]
  11. Good Morning Heartache (LP Version) [Explicit]
  1. Intro
  2. Caught Up
  3. Dirty & Stinkin'
  4. Dogged Out
  5. Free With Money
  6. Anybody
  7. Waitress #13
  8. Reunited
  9. Here Comes The Judge
  10. Cute Devils
  11. I Wanna Fuck
  12. Highjack
  13. Lintballz
  14. Zoo Two
  15. Anybody (remix)
  16. Taking A Shit
  17. C'mon
  18. Dirty & Stinkin' (remix
May 2003
  1. Brooklyn Zoo (Clean Lord Digga Mix)
  2. Brooklyn Zoo (Lp Instrumental)
  3. Brooklyn Zoo (Lord Digga Remix Instrumental)
  4. Get It To Ya Raw (LP Version)
  5. Get It To Ya Raw (sd50 Remix)
  6. Shimmy Shimmy Ya (Extended Version)
  7. Shimmy Shimmy Ya (Studio Ton Remix)
  8. Shimmy Shimmy Ya (Extended Acapella)
  9. Shimmy Shimmy Ya (Studio Ton Remix Instrumental)
  10. "Don't U Know, Part II (Clean Version)
  11. Baby C'mon (LP Version Instrumental)
  12. Ol' Dirty's Back (LP Version)
Jan 2005
  1. Pop Shots (produced by DJ Premier) [Explicit]
  2. Dirty Dirty [Explicit]
  3. Go Go Go [Explicit]
  4. Who Can Make It Happen Like Dirt [Explicit]
  5. High In The Clouds [Explicit]
  6. Rahzel Skit 1 [Explicit]
  7. Dirty Run [Explicit]
  8. Stand Up [Explicit]
  9. Don't Stop Ma - Out Of Control [Explicit]
  10. If Y'all Want War [Explicit]
  11. Pussy Keep Calling [Explicit]
  12. Down South [Explicit]
  13. Rahzel Skit 2 [Explicit]
  14. Caked Up [Explicit]
  15. Fuck Y'all [Explicit]
  16. Move Back (Bonus Cut) [Explicit]
  17. Fire (Dirty Dirty Alt. Version - Bonus Cut) [Explicit]
  18. Pop Shots (Clinton Sparks Remix - Bonus Cut) [Explicit]
  1. You Nasty
  2. Cold Blooded
  3. Good Morning Heartache
  4. Got Your Money
  5. Big Baby Jesus
  6. Stomp
  7. Hippa to da Hoppa
  8. Don't You Know
  9. Shimmy, Shimmy Ya
  10. Baby, Baby C'mon
  11. Brooklyn Zoo
  12. Pop Shit
  13. Recognize
  14. Nigga Please
  1. Odb [Explicit]
  2. Lyrical Virus (Produced by J-Love) [Explicit]
  3. High on the Clouds feat. Black Rob [Explicit]
  4. Back in the Air feat. Ghostface Killah (Unreleased) [Explicit]
  5. Pop Shots [Explicit]
  6. Dirty Dirty [Explicit]
  7. Lift Ya Skirt (Unreleased) [Explicit]
  8. You Nasty [Explicit]
  9. Dirty Run [Explicit]
  10. Outta Control (Produced by J-Love) [Explicit]
  11. Return of the Black Widow [Explicit]
  12. Cracker Jack [Explicit]
  13. Drug Free (Unreleased) [Explicit]
  14. Dirty & Stinken Pt. 2 feat. Method Man (Unreleased) [Explicit]
  15. Don't Ya Know Pt. 2 (Untreleased) [Explicit]
  16. Give it To You Raw (Unreleased) [Explicit]
  17. Synthetic Substitution feat. Method Man (Unreleased) [Explicit]
  18. Odb in the Parks (Unreleased) [Explicit]
  19. Take it Back to Brooklyn feat. Gza (Unreleased) [Explicit]
  20. What Do You Say feat. Gza (Unreleased) [Explicit]
  21. Brooklyn Zoo (Remix) [Explicit]
  22. Ol Dirtys Back feat. 12 O'Clock [Explicit]
  23. Diesel feat. Wu Tang Clan and Street [Explicit]
  24. Dirty The Moocher [Explicit]
  25. And You Don't Stop feat. Wu Tang Clan and Street [Explicit]
  26. Kiss of the Black Widow feat. Rza [Explicit]
  27. Black Mamba feat. Rza [Explicit]
  28. Thirsty [Explicit]
  29. Final Wordz [Explicit]
  1. Intro- Buddha Monk ( as Eillery Chambers), Zu Keeper (as Stephon Raison Turner), Murdoc (as David Turner) , 12 O'Clock (as Odion Turner), Shorty Shit Stain (As Alan Hurse)
  2. Reunited
  3. Live On The Air Part 1
  4. Dirty
  5. Child Seek Em Ft: Pliz (Of Big Bad Wolfs)
  6. Skrilla Ft: Rza
  7. Wanna Bees Ft: Pliz (Of Big Bad Wolfs)
  8. Black Mamba Ft: Rza & Masta Killa
  9. One Shot, Two Shot Ft: Thirstin Howl The 3rd
  10. No Love For You Ft: J-Love & Meyhem Lauren
  11. Interlude
  12. Say NO
  13. Live On The Air Part 2 Ft: Method Man
  14. All Coast
  15. Stomp Ft: Rza
  16. Live On The Air Part 3 Ft: Rza
  17. Bam Bam
  18. Osirus
  19. Hot Sauce FT: Timbo King
  20. Fort Green Projects Ft: FreeMurder, The Rza & Shacrone
  21. Destiny Ft: Lesk One